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1942 - 2005

Edmund’s body of work entitled “The Seasons” reflects his passion for painting the California landscape and seascape. He captures the breathtaking drama of the sea and rugged shoreline and the spectacular, vibrant seasonal passages displayed in the land and seascapes. All of Ed’s paintings are created on location where his senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing are fully awakened. Ed’s use of acrylic paints allows him to easily adjust images altered by the constant changing light and atmospheric movements. His canvasses display the vivid colors of the “Fauves” painter, which stirs the emotions and draws the viewer into the beauty and grandeur of the California scenes. His joyous colors vibrate with the same impulsive energy and human warmth that characterizes their creator.

His under graduate study of architecture and art at Glendale City College continued at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington, from where he received a B.A. with an Art Major/P.E. Minor. Upon graduation, he further sought after his love of art by traveling throughout Europe for several months, where he explored the art and orchestration of the “master painters.”

Ed pursued graduate courses at the Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, from where he was awarded an M.F.A. He taught art at the Frogmore Community College, Yatley, Hampshire, England, as a recipient of a Fulbright Exchange Scholarship. In June 2003, Ed retired from his 30-year art teaching career at the Albany, California High School. Ed and his wife Patty moved to La Quinta, California in 2004 where Ed pursued “plein air" painting and created the “Desert Series.” He was recognized as a master painter in the community of the arts.